Technology & Certifications

Utilizing the top technologies in golf training and fitting equipment

The Performance Golf Academy will give our students the opportunity to use and benefit from the top technologies in golf training and fitting equipment.


logo-siteAcademy Website: Our website will feature program descriptions and costs, coach contact information, social media and ability to set up lesson via the internet.



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ng360-logoFitting System:  The Nike Golf 360Fitting System allows our certified custom club fitters to give our students the best equipment for their entire game. The system allows us to fit from driver all the way to the golf ball they play. We have a link on the website to this feature.




FlightScope-Logo+MYP_Black.jpgFlight Scope:  Flight Scope system allows the instructors to optimize your ball flight for optimum launch and spin conditions on all of your clubs. The system utilizes Doppler radar to measure the entire flight of the ball giving the necessary statistics for proper club and ball fitting to maximize the student’s results.


JCLogoHoriz2JC Video Swing video and software system: The industry leader in Swing analysis software the JC Video program allows us to give maximum feedback to our students. The detailed analysis gives the student a better understanding of what will make their swing function with a high level of consistency.